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dennis huckle muir1918 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 11:12:05 GMT 2017

Although I don't think I need this service I think what you offer would be
of value to a lot of users of such devices, Especially those with no
previous computer or tablet knowledge.
I suggest a flat rate of £50 plus expensis on a milage basis.
If I ever needed this service I would be happy to pay such a price as this
service would be of long term benefit.
I hope that future customers would see it in that light and they would be
getting a highly qualified person providing this service rather than a
volunteer who knows little.
Kind regards,
Dennis huckle.

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Hi all,


I don’t want to get into the business of costs of blindness and all that
again, this is purely because of a lot of enquiries I’ve had.


I’ve had a few people phone me and ask if I can assist with setup of their
voice enabled device, whether it be Google Home, or Amazon devices.


Of course, I can and will help them for my usual price of £30.00 per hour
remotely, but when people have trouble connecting because of their router
configuration, which is a bit more advanced, it is limiting what one can do
remotely to set up these devices, not to mention when the status of lights
need to be known.  Amazon Echo is more prone to router fussiness than Google
Home, but they both sometimes have problems.


I am now experienced enough on both platforms to set them up, usually


So my question is realistically, how much would any of you, as a blind
person, pay for an on-site service.  That is, we come out to the house and
set you up, and give you for example, three hours’ training on the device in
question, including enabling skills and getting your voice enabled device to
the point where you can use it pretty much without an app?  I would also
bring my support worker, to cope with anything visually needed.


Obviously, as a blind business person, trying to make a living, I can’t and
won’t do this for free, but I’d be interested in what people would pay?


The dilemma is that these devices are so cheap that people don’t want to pay
any more for technical assistance to get them up and running.  But if we
introduced such a service, let’s please have some honest answers about how
much you’d be willing to pay, as a flat rate, given that we would have to
travel and cover expenses etc?


>From a BCAB point of view, is this something that BCAB could help fund?


I just think with the explosion of voice enabled devices and how they could
help blind people, I would love to help and get people going with this tech,
but I can’t spread myself too thinly for no money.


Thoughts anyone, and please please don’t turn it into a thread about the
hard done by blind people, that’s not what I want, just open and frank
discussion about the cost of such a service.


Sighted people must also have problems sometimes setting up devices, and of
course, I would extend this service to anyone, but I just feel there is a
market for such a service.


Thanks all.


All the best




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