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Brian K. Lingard bkl at ncf.ca
Sun Dec 24 08:20:56 GMT 2017

Ottawa Canada

Dear Les, Darren David, Steve & List:
You were discussing the time to acquire the first GPS fix with a cold start of a GPS receiver such as the VR Trek or Migraf Technologies Navtrace VS. A GPS equipped Cell: Phone.
I clicked on the URL below, Firefox took me to the site, however I could not read anything. Was as if Firefox had never encountered a page with that encoding before.

Far as phones being able to get directions from cell towers, suppose this helps but why could some entrepreneur not install a cellular radio in a dedicated GPS device?

Thee U, S. Government says the accuracy of GPS may be enhanced by providing terrestrial radio beacons at known positions for the receivers to use as well as the satellite signals.

When comparing the time for a phone to obtain its first fix after a cold start, remember to compare the processor in the phone or GPS device. A Smart Phone has many times the computing power of a stand-alone GPS receiver. This is too balance the device cost, performance, battery drain etc.

It seems your VR Trek may be malfunctioning from comments in this thread. Probably worth discussing the situation with Humanware UK and sending your unit in for evaluation and possible replacement. There is no point into hanging onto a defective Trek if other people in similar surroundings can obtain a lock much faster.
The link is:

I deleted around 10,000 bytes of previous messages and list trailer lines.


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