[BCAB] Broadband and Fibre speed problem.

Sandra Gayer sandragayer7 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 25 11:46:54 GMT 2017

Hello Everyone,
We moved home a few weeks ago and have BT Broadband with Fibre. It's
called BT Infinity1.

I have been experiencing freezing and Internet drop outs altogether
since we arrived. I know there is a 10 day period of settling in
before Fibre stablises but that ended a few days ago and nothing has
changed for me. My parents are not experiencing crashes or interupted
We are all using wireless Internet.

The speed tests show 40 MB per second download, 8 MB per second upload
with a 3 figure Ping number. I do not know what Ping is but I do know
that  the advice is, the lower the number, the better.

My computer I am working from is an HP Windows 7 I 5.
What is wrong with our Fibre? Is it the Fibre or is it my computer?
What is Ping? How do you reduce its number?

Any advice would be appreciated. I hope you are all enjoying Christmas Morning.
Sandra Gayer DipABRSM.

Soprano Singer

Broadcast Presenter


Voiceover Artist

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