[BCAB] The difference between a router and a modem

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You are technically correct.  Think of the modem as the piece of kit that connects to the phone line or wherever the Internet happens to come into your house, and the router as the piece of equipment that distributes the Internet connection to other devices and more offen than not provides wireless capabilities.  Modems and routers can be part of the same box, kind of like an all in one hifi system that has CD player, amp etc built into the same unit.

There are various reasons why you would want to look at having separate modems and routers, for example if you are using a Virgin cable connection, then you are limited from a modem perspective to just being able to use the Virgin equipment.  If you put this equipment in modem mode, then you can connect your own router to this which gives you faster connectivity, better wireless, better features etc.

In terms of your connectivity between the NAS and the PC, it would probably help us to identify what router you use currently, and how you connect your own machine to this.


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Please forgive me for what I am going to ask, and please be very gentle with me in how you get technical with your answers! (smile.)  I start punching above my weight when it comes to networking I'm afraid as you will see.

Since I purchased my NAS drive recently, I have noticed that it takes an exceptionally long time to get stuff over to it through the network, even though my desktop machine and the NAS both have ethernet connectivity.

The situation is that we have a BT modem of moderate age.  We are thinking of changing broadband providers at the moment, but that's another story.

My questions: what is the difference between a modem and a router?  My understanding is that the modem is the device that brings an Internet connection into your house, and a router if you have one is the device that connects to a modem that distributes the connection to other parts of the house.  I know not everyone uses the modem provided by their ISP, and some people use a modem from their ISP and a router to make things faster with more connections in the home.

So, if my assumption on this is correct, how could I improve speed through my network?  I think Steve mentioned during the NAS thread last week that he has a fast router, or is it the modem that makes it faster, or is it one and the same thing?

I'm looking for some straightforward help here please guys! (still smiling but feeling the need to pull my hair out already!)

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