[BCAB] Record the voice and the screen

Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Sun Jul 2 11:39:56 BST 2017

Hi Juliette.

I have attended quite a number of web testing sessions testing as a user
where people want to know about how I navigate a site to find something.

If I am in a lab with the people doing the testing then recording me with
audio and video makes sense.  I can navigate the site but also explain what
I am doing.  If the person recording the test wants to know more I can be
asked to explain at the time.

I have also done testing online where I do the test at home and write a
report of how I found my way round the site.  In this situation, as others
have suggested, recording output from the screenreader may not be that
helpful because I am likely to have things set up to my own requirements and
the voice may well be faster than many sighted people can understand.  Also,
when testing, it is important to explain how I do something and why.  The
best way to do this is for me to write a report of my test as I do it.  You
need to realise that doing the test at home is quite different from going
into a lab to do the testing.  When testing from home you have more time so
you can look at how you do something and have more time to note down what
difficulties you have or how you find the site.  This is useful, though it's
easy for the assessment to become quite subjective.  People doing tests from
home need to become experienced at reporting what they do themselves to
complete the tests.  In the lab, it's a more formal situation and there will
be someone there so it's easy to record what you are doing and, if it is
unclear how you navigate the site, the person in the lab with you can ask
you to explain something 


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I am working on the development of an online platform allowing assistive
technology users to give feedback on the accessibility and usability of
In order for professionals to get valuable feebdack it would be great if
they could record the voice and the screen of the assistive technology
I would like to know what you have found the most accessible so far to
record the voice and the screen.
And if you found systems that are not accessible, what was the problem?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,

Juliette Piazza
CEO of Inclusight
+44 7760934012
www.inclu-sight.com <http://www.inclu-sight.com/> @JulietPiazza

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