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Joe Paton joe at vi-ability.org.uk
Sun Jul 2 12:18:57 BST 2017

Hi Jackie,

If Shauna is doing the bulk of the work for you, then as has been sed, The in-built windows solutions will do the job.
Whether they have the capability to enhance lesser quality pictures may be a concern, but it seems to me that compiling the output pictures with appropriate names, filling out the comment fields, then archiving the files in to meaningful named folders would be important for you to show family and friends, and know exactly what they are seeing.

Good fun I reckon.

Our house is full of pictures, and I still don't know who the lady in black, standing next to the school boy wearing the blazer  is. we also have some large portraits, which visitors ask about.

Enjoy the job, could be one of those computer tasks which is completely rewarding.


On Sun, 2 Jul 2017 09:21:06 +0100
"Jackie Brown" <jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com> wrote:

I have lots of photos carefully stored in albums that I would like to have
transferred to digital format so I can keep them on my backup drives.  I
have a Plustek Opticbook 3600 scanner, but wonder what software would be
best for this job.  Martin's niece, Shauna, has offered to do this for me,
so it isn't necessary that the software she uses has to be accessible
because she is fully sighted.  I have looked at sending the albums to a
company or shop that charges for the service but, as Shauna says, I could
run the risk of them getting lost.  These pictures are family snaps from
when my son was born, taking him to adulthood.  Although his dad and I can't
see them ourselves, we would still like to preserve them.

So is there anything that comes as standard on Windows that I could use, or
would I need to hunt for something that might fit the job?  Suggestions much
appreciated, with thanks.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Email: Jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com
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