[BCAB] cinema AD app trial, greater access to film

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Tue Jul 4 15:41:00 BST 2017

Bear in mind that RNIB trials tend to fizzle out to nothing.  I trialled for
example, MovieReading for iOS and Android.  I thought it was successful, but
we never heard anything more as triallists.  Now it looks like RNIB just
dropped it.

All the best


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Hi there,

I've been asked to send the following invite to the list. We have another AD
app trial coming up, this time with cinemas and we want people to help us
test this technology. The report for the last trial should be on the RNIB
website but I know some people had trouble finding it so if anyone wants a
copy emailed to them then you can get one by emailing the
broadcasting at rnib.org.uk<mailto:broadcasting at rnib.org.uk> email address and

We would like to invite blind and partially sighted users of audio
description to a screening of Beauty and the Beast to help test Moviereading
in cinemas. Moviereading is the same app that was used in the previous AD
app trial. We're working with the UK Cinema Association to gather feedback
on receiving AD this way in a cinema.

The screening will be at the Odeon cinema in Covent Garden, London on Sunday
6 August at 10.30am. We've got a limited number of tickets available for
anyone who'd like to come along. There will be no cost to attend and the app
is free to download.

We request all those interested in attending to please email
broadcasting at rnib.org.uk<mailto:broadcasting at rnib.org.uk> with their name,
contact number, age, name of their sighted guide (if they're bringing one).
They will be required to download the Moviereading app to their smart phone
(only iOS or Android) prior to the screening.

All attendees will also be requested to share feedback on the functionality
of the app. Children are welcome but it must be the parent or guardian who
applies for tickets.

Please feel free to share this email with your friends, colleagues, family -
anyone you think might be interested in this screening and would like share
feedback. However, we kindly request people to only book a place if they're
certain they'll be joining us as places are limited.

It must be noted that attendees will be part of a focus group for testing a
new app-based solution for delivering AD.

In the UK, most English language films from the weekly box office chart are
available to watch with AD in cinemas across the country. Cinema-goers
usually borrow a headset from the box office when they buy their ticket and
clip that in when the main feature starts. Even so, RNIB receives complaints
when AD users have been given headsets that do not work or the film is not
scheduled in a screen that supports AD.  There are still a number of cinemas
that, mainly for financial reasons, are unable to provide AD equipment.

In 2015, RNIB undertook a successful three month trial of the MovieReading
app for home use.  The app was really well-received and there was
significant demand from participants, requesting that this technology be
made available for use in UK cinemas.

Following lengthy discussions with the UK cinema industry, RNIB is thrilled
to invite AD users to this screening in the hope that - if successful - this
approach might be taken forward as a longer-term trial by the cinema

Once again, please remember that tickets for the screening are limited, so
please register interest by sending an email to
broadcasting at rnib.org.uk<mailto:broadcasting at rnib.org.uk> to book a place.

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