[BCAB] make the pesky greater than prefixes go away!

Brian Lingard B.lingard at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 6 02:35:44 BST 2017

Ottawa Canada

If you use Outlook 2007-2016 and would like to remove the leading
greater than prefixing quoted material, try this:

>From anywhere in Outlook, press alt plus F then release and press
t for the Outlook Options menus. If you are on the General tab,
[press tab to reach the mail tab then press tab for editor
options and cursor down too where it says when replying or
forwarding prefix quoted material. Uncheck this option and delete
the prefix character. Save your changes and when you leave the
options menus, you will never have greater than prefixing your

Personally, I like to include the original message and indent it.

Some of the other settings control whether f7 spell check only
checks spelling or also grammar and style. I turned on grammar
and style checking and find it has really improved my writing

Actually, it is good to periodically review your options as you
may want to flag messages as expired say in 90 days, the default
is 180 days define signatures, watermark your email and do all
sorts of helpful and useful things.

If more people turned off the prefixing of quoted material, lists
would be a lot more enjoyable without say 145 or so leading
greater than.

Brian K. Lingard, B. A.

Are on the General tab, press tab once for the mail tab.

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