[BCAB] Persons With Disabilities and the General Election

Brian Lingard B.lingard at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 6 03:04:04 BST 2017

Ottawa Canada

It is truly unfortunate that a mere 24% of people with learning
disabilities registered to cast their ballot in the recent United
Kingdom General Election. If it had been the eligible electors
generally who had such an abysmal registration rate, it would
have been a Nationwide Scandal at how few electors were
interested in bothering to register to vote.

With only 9% of such voters, actually casting a vote it is even
more of a scandal.

As my colleagues at Revenue Canada used to say, Democracy is a
Participation, NOT a Spectator Sport! It works best when every
elector in the Kingdoms busts their butt and gets out to Vote!

Brian K. Lingard, B. A.

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