[BCAB] A different approach El Braille

Jackie Brown jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com
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Hi Gena

I can confirm that ElBraille does update to Windows latest versions because I have done it.

With all the extras you would need to make it comparable, that is why I went down the ElBraille route.  I know it's expensive, I wouldn't dispute that for what you get in the guts of it, but it is an all-in-one solution that is modular in its approach.

Kind regards,

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Hello All,

I heard a discussion about the price of EL Braille and  thought I’d tell you about what I’ve been playing with.

I purchased a Minix Neo Z83-4 because it is a fan less Windows 10 Palmtop PC with 4Gb RAM but only has 32GB SSD. At £159.99. This machine has 4 USB ports 1 of which is a USB 3 port and is live all the time so you can charge up a mobile device without being booted into win 10.

I got a 1500MAH battery from Japan and currently I am charging it. I will need to get someone to solder a new plug to fit the Minix. £23.

I was running the Minix headless here at home with a QWERTY keyboard. I don’t have a NVDA supported Braille display with an input keyboard.

Although the El Braille is an expensive Comput Stick, heres what I would need to add to the Minix.

Stereo speakers and mic.
SIM slot.
Vibration motors.
A neat housing for all components.
Quick access buttons.

I have purchased a mini QWERTY USB keyboard £12.00. I’m guessing a suitable project box to house these components is likely to be £20. My local Maplin store stopped stocking them. So in essence I will have nothing like the polished finished El Braille but potentially a portable Windows 10 machine for about £220. Of course, when I get an El Braille I will enjoy comparing the differences in performance of the differences in specifications like the RAM.

It certainly is an exciting time for us. I’m thinking that El Braille appears expensive but having done this and see the little things that have neatly been put together it is worth it.

Oh dear I’ve just hit a snag with my Minix Windows upgrade. I hope El Braille upgrades to Windows latest versions without such problems.

Kind regards,

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