[BCAB] Sound Editing: Skipping to Next Silence

David Reynolds david at dkreynolds.plus.com
Thu Jul 6 12:56:12 BST 2017

This is a tricky one, because whilst you can hear when a silence comes, the
audio software would need to be trained to recognize what you'd define as
silence. If, for example, you'd recorded from a cassette, a silence would be
different from that which you'd get between tracks from a CD.
It would certainly be a good feature, but applications like MP3Cut also need
to be trained as to what constitutes silence,


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Hi Everyone

Is there a way, using Goldwave, Sound Forge or Audacity, to skip to the next
bit of silence in a file? I know I can automatically add Q points and skip
to them, but I want to know if it is possible for the sound recorder to find
the next space between a track and then I can add the Q point.

Or is there another approach I should be thinking of.


Pele West

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