[BCAB] reading outlook messages with NVDA

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Thu Jul 6 16:30:15 BST 2017

Hi Graham,

Unfortunately I don't know of one.  I find NVDA quite irksome with Outlook.
On one of my machines for example, it won't even read the message list.

All the best


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Hi all.


I currently use JAWS for work, but I have been playing with NVDA quite a


I think NVDA could work well for home users but I have one really major
problem and wondered if there's a problem with my settings as no one else
seems to have mentioned this here.


I find that NVDA does not work well with many HTML emails.  A good recent
example is the Transport for London weekend changes email which works well
with jaws but with NVDA there are lots of table announcements, blank lines
and the like that make reading the email in outlook quite tricky.  I am
currently using Outlook 2010 and wondered if anyone else has had this
problem and if there's a solution?





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