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Yes it was this list, and mine arrived on Friday.  In terms of sound, they are adequate, not the kind of quality I would associate with my BeyerDynamics which, to be fair, cost a lot more when I bought them at least 20 years ago.  They are comfortable though, and were easy to pair with my phone as well.  I had hoped to be able to pair them with our Samsung TV so that I can listen to some stuff at close quarters as it were, but it seems you can only pair a keyboard or game controller, so that's a pity.  But they will come in handy so I'm not going to send them back or quibble over the £27 or so they cost.  My son likes his though and has already used them extensively, and they seem to be holding up well.

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Apologies if it wasn’t this list to which Jackie originally posted about these headphones. Mine arrived yesterday from Amazon. They very much remind me of some which I bought previously sold under the bludio brand. They use the same voice and speech engine and give the same information. Their sound is similarly quite bass heavy. But I’m hoping that this is where the similarities end as not massively long after I bought them the side strut on the headband simply snapped rendering them utterly useless. Anyway, here’s hoping. They were easy to pair with my iPhone. One quirk comes with using them wired with the supplied cable. There appears to be no difference between the ends of the 3.5mm jack double-ender yet if you plug it in the wrong way you get a one legged left hand stereo result. Reversing the plugging puts this right.  
Ian Macrae

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