[BCAB] Advice required for visually impaired lawyer

Derek Hornby derek.hornby_uk at btopenworld.com
Thu Jul 13 21:21:46 BST 2017

Hi Brian
Take look here:


Blackline or redline is a way  to compare documents.

Regards,  Derek

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Ottawa Canada

Dear Adrian, Jackie David W. Wood et al:

I have written to Hannah directly. 
What is a legal Blackline anyway? Is it a portion of a contract
with proposed amendments with a black underline until the other
solicitor has accepted them?

If the solicitor wants to say read text with a particular
attribute, JAWS can probably bee custom-configured to do this.
However editing the text may be difficult.

In addition, JAWS can also read text proposed to be deleted
[Struck-out]. Word Perfect years ago used to have the Generate
command, which deleted the proposed strikeouts and inserted the
Redlined text, and made it appear as normal text.

Bprian K. Lingard, B. A.

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