[BCAB] Forwarded message: scouting visually impaired for charity video

Jackie Brown jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 08:01:03 BST 2017

I am circulating this to any interested parties, but please remember to
correspond with the author off list.

Many thanks.

Subject: Scouting Visually Impaired for Charity Video

Hi there,

    My name is Stefano and I'm contacting you from Bullion Productions. On
the 28th July we'll be shooting an online content video for a charity in
London (Guide Dogs). We're looking for visually impaired / guide dog
assisted individuals to take part in the dates. Moreover, it might be a good
opportunity to get more exposure as your site would be the source of the
some of the individuals. 

If there's any way you can reach out to your members about this opportunity,
the video is aiming to raise awareness regarding the problems facing
particular parts of the dating community and how this issue needs

If you're able to forward this to anyone who might be interested it would be
extremely helpful, I could then have a chat with you or the individuals to
fill in the details.

Kind Regards,

Stefano Dunne
ask at bullionproductions.com
Office: +44 (0) 207 7496 925
Address: Bullion Productions Ltd, 21 Whiston Road, E2 8EX
Web: bullionproductions.com

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