[BCAB] help with an odd Goldwave problem

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Jul 17 11:13:22 BST 2017


Go into the soundcard properties of the onbard card and make sure that Allow
exclusive access is unticked.  Then go to the communications tab and set
communications to Do Nothing.

You might want to do this with all your soundcards, as it makes them more
responsive to screen readers and digital workstations like Goldwave.

All the best


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Windows 10
JFW 18
Goldwave licensed version.
Two sound cards.
JFW through Alva display.
Sound routed through on-board card, tests positively.
JFW set not to alter sound volume.

Program installed fine and licence key accepted.

Open file.

Space bar doesn't elicit play.

Route Braille to the time bar, press routing key, and brief sound played
through speakers.
Following this, pressing space elicits play and stop, but only in second

Any ideas what is going on, and the remedy?

BTW:  uninstalling, and re-installing hasn't helped.


David W Wood

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