[BCAB] BWBF launches Bumblebee

Graham portset1 at portset.co.uk
Wed Jul 19 14:33:36 BST 2017

Hi All.

I would be very interested in what the price one would pay for a fully 
accessible TTS voicing menu and program detail  DAB radio as well as how 
popular such a device would be from a quantity point.

Comments and suggestions please.

Regards Graham

www.talkingtablet.com, www.portset.co.uk.

On 19/07/2017 10:43, john gallagher wrote:
> hi all,
> surely the experts are on this list most of us could be the people to say what would be a good device for a blind person. so much is out there to do all this listening to the radio and the like its just showing people how to use what's out there. why now do we need products for the blind which cost a lot of money. my elBraille which uses main stream for me is the best thing i have ever purchased.
> i think what dennis says is a very good point bringing out a very good accessible dab radio could be the way to go but, because we're in such a very minority group this will never happen.
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>> In my far from humble opinion, surely they should be doing something
>> about the lack of a truly accessible DAB radio. will we ever see one?
>> Iain
>> On 19/07/2017 09.40, Jackie Brown wrote:
>>> I don't want to start bashing this as I haven't seen it.  But BWBF (British
>>> Wireless for the Blind Fund) has launched a Samsung tablet with locked
>>> proprietary software on it called Bumblebee.  Its yellow and black contrast
>>> with speech feedback allows you to enter a number of applications to listen
>>> to radio stations, podcasts, books, newspapers and other information.  It is
>>> only available on loan to those who "meet the criteria."
>>> This to me sounds like another Synaptic product with layered software over a
>>> Samsung tablet which cannot be unlocked.  I would just ask these questions:
>>> who comes up with the research stats for these kind of products?  Are these
>>> kind of devices as popular as our organisations seem to think?  Am I being
>>> too cynical?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Jackie Brown
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