[BCAB] hi all re c five phone

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 08:44:27 BST 2017

Hi John,

Could be that you'll need to reset the phone.  The C5 has limited memory,
and once systems clog it, it's a bit like Windows, sometimes you have to
reinstall it.

All the best


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hi all
my friend is staying with me for a while and has a nokia c five phone.
if i try to alter it from silent to ringing or if i try to put in a contact
it says out of memory. so, i have looked to see how i can get rid of things
but cannot find anything at all that i can get rid of. i looked in the
gallery so, wonder if anyone has any ideas. i am not a c five user aat all
and tonight is the first time i have seen this phone. thanks for any

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