[BCAB] AccessibleAmazon Affiliate Tools

Kerry Fielding littlemisslovely1973 at me.com
Thu Jul 20 10:34:40 BST 2017

Hi Steve.

Yep.  I've come to that same conclusion also.  Do you just use the 
normal links or have you tried to use the text+image links as well?  I'd 
like to be able to put images in there also.  We do live in a sighted 
world unfortunately. ha ha  I get the principle of doing it and that you 
have to copy/paste code into your blog post in the text mode tab but how 
do we know what, at least, the text part of text+image says?  Can we put 
our own text in there and just simply use their image?


On 20/07/2017 08:45, Steve Nutt wrote:
> Hi,
> I copy and paste links to be honest.  It's easier.
> All the best
> Steve
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> Hi Folks.
> Looking at maybe getting into the world of affiliate marketing using amazon
> as my base.  Does anyone know if their amazon publisher studio tool is
> useable by us or do we have to copy/paste links from the amazon associates
> page?  I have installed it on firefox and chrome (it is an
> extension) just to see what it's like but I'm blowed if I can get it to
> work.  I'm thinking it's not accessible but was looking for confirmation and
> if not, does anyone know of an alternative?
> Cheers.
> Kerry
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