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David Reynolds david at dkreynolds.plus.com
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I just looked at this out of interest, and there are some areas of confusion.
Some of the dot configurations Amazon have documented don't match up with the letter, as in:
    1-3-4-6 SPACE




    Navigate Back
1-3-4-6 is X. Maybe I'm misreading the document,

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I am circulating the below from another list for interest following Kerry's post about Braille support for the Amazon Fire tablets.

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Hi Everyone

If you are interested in accessing Kindle eBooks in braille, you may find the following message from Amazon useful. The Kindle Fire is a tablet costing £49 that includes a screen reader called VoiceView. 
Amazon has started including Braille support on this device.

Dear Mr. Williams,

Below is information about our braille support that you may share with other users (we’re a little behind in getting this documentation up on our website).

We support the BAUM and HumanWare protocols, and thus far we have explicitly verified that the following displays work:

 1. APH Refreshabraille​​
 2. BAUM SuperVario2
 3. BAUM VarioConnect
 4. BAUM VarioUltra
 5. HumanWare Brailliant BI
 6. Orbit Reader 20

You can send commands by pressing chords on a refreshable braille display which has a braille keyboard. There are 8 keys corresponding to each dot. The term "chord" stems from pressing multiple keys at once in a "chord." Some of the chords correspond to a particular letter, others do not.






    1-3-4-6 SPACE




    Navigate Back

    1-2-5 SPACE


    h, "home"


    Navigate to Home

    1-2-3-5 SPACE


    s, "switcher"


    Show App Switcher

    1-3-4-5 SPACE


    n, "notifications"


    Show Notifications & Quick Actions

    1-2-3-4-5-6 SPACE




    Go to VoiceView Settings

    4 SPACE




    Navigate to Next Item

    1 SPACE




    Navigate to Previous Item

    1-2-3-7 SPACE




    Navigate to First Item

    4-5-6-8 SPACE




    Navigate to Last Item

    1-5 SPACE


    e, "enter"


    Activate selected item

    1-3-4 SPACE


    m, "mute"


    Toggle Mute On/Off

    2-4-5 SPACE


    j, "jump"


    Jump focus to first item on braille display

    7-8 SPACE




    Show/Hide focus Indicator



Peter Korn | Accessibility Architect | Amazon

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