[BCAB] Jaws accessibility display driver

Matthew Horspool mhorspool at live.co.uk
Sun Jul 23 21:56:09 BST 2017

Hi Mike,
Hopefully a JAWS repair will solve the problem. Probably the easiest way to start one of these (at least in my experience) is to re-run the JAWS installer and choose "Repair" when prompted. If you don't have the installer to hand, you can download it from the Freedom Scientific website - but make sure the build number you download matches the build number you have installed. JAWS should speak enough for you to be able to manage this without sighted help even without a functioning video driver. The web page is here:
During the repair there is no need to delete your user settings - you will be prompted about this automatically.
If a repair doesn't solve the problem, something a bit more sinister is going on. I've known the error come up because of access rights not being set correctly, although for the life of me I can't remember exactly what I had to do to solve it. I can look this up if need be.
It might genuinely be a problem with your display device, but that's extremely unlikely.
Out of interest, did you follow the Windows 10 upgrade instructions on the FS website?

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Hi listers,

I’v just upgraded my PC desktop to Windows 10; after starting Jaws I receive the message that the accessibility display driver has not been properly installed. What is the easiest way to repair this problem?

Thanks and regards,

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