[BCAB] I've dealt with Sky

Kerry Fielding littlemisslovely1973 at me.com
Tue Jul 25 15:20:58 BST 2017

Hi folks.  Well, I've dealt with Sky.  I've cancelled my contract as 
they are not willing to offer any sort of good will compensation or 
reduction to my bill until they have fixed this service.  They just keep 
saying that they can't issue any sort of compensation until the issue is 
fixed and who knows when that will be.

All they keep saying is that it's apple's fault and they are working on 
it.  I did manage to gain information that they plan to have a meeting 
on 27 July when this issue will be discussed. Frankly I'm sick fed up of 
them and their inaccessibility.  If, like someone else said, they built 
the accessibility into their box there would be no one else who could 
mess it up.

Anyway, they aren't charging me early termination fees so I'm off to 
look at Virgin Media for my TV service.  From what I understand, it 
works pretty well.



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