[BCAB] ElBraille First Impressions

jim taylor rolyat1 at gmx.co.uk
Tue Jul 25 16:57:09 BST 2017

Matthew, I, a fellow Apex user, fully endorse what you say.   You 
could, of course, have put your t h sign or t h e sign in quotes, 
or written:  "T H sign, E A sign, T, R, E".   As for italics, 
again you could resort to block capitals or asterisks.

You did not mention the usefulness of the Apex's portability.   
Last night, in our choir rehearsal, we started work on three new 
carols for our Christmas carol service.   While the choirmaster 
was thumping out the bass parts on the piano, I was able to take 
them down on the Apex (three cheers for Braille music!) and join 
in to the best of my ability, even though nobody had thought to 
email me the words of the carols.   Still, what's a few la la la 
la la's between friends?   At least, I got the notes right, 
thanks to the Apex.

Apart from its ancient software, the only trouble with HumanWare 
is that not all the technicians have taken the trouble to learn 
the rudiments of Braille, but then my Apex has served me well for 
the past seven years and I wouldn't be without it, despite its 
imperfections and inadequacies.

Warm regards,


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