[BCAB] Braille Skills As A Ticket Tao Employment Success

Barry Hill barry.hill3 at sky.com
Tue Jul 25 17:38:44 BST 2017

I wonder if it is down to perception without actually thinking through the
detail.  An employee who knows very little about Braille and the time and
effort it takes to put things into Braille might believe that a Braille user
would be able to substitute written material for Braille as and when they
need it.

If it was indeed the age of paperless offices, a refreshable Braille machine
would pretty much achieve this, but the paperless office is, in my opinion,
still a myth.



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Ottawa Canada

Andrew, David, Dennis, Jackie and Michael were discussing Braille devices
used in education and how Braille skills improve a person's ability to land
well-paying employment.

Regarding knowledge of Braille helping a blind person land a good job, here
in Canada CNIB has also noticed this correlation.

No one is sure why, but kids that have excellent Braille skills generally
seem destined to find better employment than kids with little or no Braille

Could be that the kids with good Braille are higher functioning, have what
it takes to master a fairly complex skill, have better finger sensitivity or
whatever, but they seem to do well in thee workplace. They can also make
notes quietly with a Braille slate and stylus, no batteries required.

I believe thee Americans also find this phenomena.

Cannot think of any formal studies on this subject, the folks at AFB would
probably know of any done so far.


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