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I posted the link to this (or a very similar) product in an email yesterday:


But having searched, I can't find anything further and do not know whether
it ever went into production, or whether it is available in the UK.

Do our members from the RNIB such as Paul and John P have any info on this?
It looks like it could be a real solution providing speech access to a whole
range of washing machines.


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Ottawa Canada

Ianin, Jackie, John, Phil, Paul, Richard and Ton et al, were discussing
accessible Laundry Washers && dryers on the BCAB list:

Heard about a US $99 speech unit that can be connected toll General Electric
laundry washers & dryers. The unit was designed by the 14-year old son of a
worker at a General Electric appliances plant. Not sure if the G. E. people
will make the unit available ibn the UK or anywhere other than the USA where
it is being made by General Electric. Regret I have no further information
on this product, or a contact at General Electric for additional
information, availability etc. Was mentioned on the ACB-l mailing list
within the last week.

Brian K. Lingard, B. A.

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