[BCAB] I've dealt with Sky

Kerry Fielding littlemisslovely1973 at me.com
Wed Jul 26 11:49:13 BST 2017

Hi Andrew.  Yes, I've been doing a bit of reading around the app and not 
a lot of people are impressed with it at all.  I have a couple of 
friends who are able to use it but apparently you can't do anything at 
all including remote record if you aren't on Wifi. I don't know if I 
will get a call from the media people tomorrow after their meeting but 
if I do and they come back to me with a time frame I may well change my 
mind.  I really don't want to leave Sky and do believe them to be the 
best TV service but given right now I can't use Sky's app to watch 
anything I record independently it sort of raises the point as to why I 
bother having the service at all?  The stuff I'm recording is available 
on free view and if there were an accessible inexpensive option, I dare 
say I would have gone for that instead.  The thing that drives me batty 
about all this is that they just kept saying that they provide the app 
as a free service like we ought to be flaming grateful and therefore 
shouldn't complain.  They are also under the misguided impression that 
they are the only TV service to provide such an app which clearly is not 
the case and i told them so.  They also keep blaming Apple and saying 
the reason for the app breaking is the IOS10 which isn't quite true.  It 
worked on IOS10 for me at least until March of this year when they 
released an update.  They just kept telling me how they had to go 
through each line of code and find out exactly what the problem is and 
this takes time.  The point is that this is a large company with a 
shedload of money and if people such as Blindfold RSS games can release 
app updates to fix any IOS10 issues then why can't they? Am i 
over-simplifying this?


On 25/07/2017 22:49, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> Hi,
> Interesting to see how you get on with the new Virgin box, I still have a Tivo here.
> The app isn't without issues, I for example have to log in most times when I go into it.  I also suspect that if we had an issue with the app it would take as long to get fixed from Virgin as has been the case with Sky.  I say this is as the wireless app is completely unusable with VoiceOver.
> Andrew.
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> Hi folks.  Well, I've dealt with Sky.  I've cancelled my contract as they are not willing to offer any sort of good will compensation or reduction to my bill until they have fixed this service.  They just keep saying that they can't issue any sort of compensation until the issue is fixed and who knows when that will be.
> All they keep saying is that it's apple's fault and they are working on it.  I did manage to gain information that they plan to have a meeting on 27 July when this issue will be discussed. Frankly I'm sick fed up of them and their inaccessibility.  If, like someone else said, they built the accessibility into their box there would be no one else who could mess it up.
> Anyway, they aren't charging me early termination fees so I'm off to look at Virgin Media for my TV service.  From what I understand, it works pretty well.
> Cheers.
> Kerry
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