M F Mason mfmason at blinding-flash.net
Fri Jul 28 10:34:37 BST 2017

Hello Doreen,

I am not a firefox user but I was wondering the following:
Once you are in firefox,
are you pressing control + o and then typing in the address?
If this is the case,
you might like to try entering
control + l
and then entering the web address of the page you require.
Of course, it may be that I have completely misunderstood the problem.
If this is so, I apologise.

Many thanks,


At 10:10 28/07/2017, Doreen Tyler wrote:
>Morning everybody:
>I am using an HP laptop running Windows 10 and the latest version of JAWS.
>I have recently started using Firefox as Internet Explorer kept crashing.
>I find when I try to open a site using Firefox I am greeted with the dialog
>that the filename is not valid, or the filename can't be found.  I can open
>web pages via the Run command but would obviously like to do this within
>Firstly, can anybody suggest a fix for this and also can anyone tell me if
>there are any training materials on Firefox please.
>Many thanks.
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