[BCAB] a quick question for list members who have BTInternet accounts and routers

Henry Miller henry at henryandangela.co.uk
Sat Jul 29 18:24:35 BST 2017

Hi Alexandra
Our current email account is with Fasthosts, and their call centre is in the
Philippines.  I discovered that if you were a retail customer of fasthosts
you were put through to a UK call center.  Following a long email trail with
Fasthosts I was able to access this service owing to my hearing difficulties
and wonder if BT offer the same service under the DDA?
Best wishes

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Hi henry,  

Thank you for your informative and interesting message.  I'll certainly do
some googling and see what I can find.  As I said in reply to Terry Clasper,
it's my concern that a call centre in India may not fully take my needs into
account which is causing me to hesitate to contact BT, although your message
has given me another option to investigate.

Alexander Shannon 

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