[BCAB] Equipment Documentation

Brian Lingard B.lingard at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 29 20:23:29 BST 2017

Ottawa Canada

Years ago, when I bought a Victor Reader Stream, New Edition, the
unit had the full user manual store in ROM. However, you needed
to know the magic keystroke, hold down the "1" key until it
activates the user guide to get to it.

As friends bought these units, I came up with a super-short
Quick-Start manual for the unit.

I explained where the charging/PC patch cord went, how long to
charge it to full, where the on/off/volume/tone/playback speed
button was, how to reboot should it require rebooting and using
the up/down arrow keys below the on/off etc. button to adjust the
various settings when you brought them up on the button function

Where the up to 32 GB SD card goes along with basic keypad

A bunch of friends thanked me for putting the essential points of
using the unit into a highly concise and to the point Quick Start

Once you knew keyboard navigation and how to get into the User
Guide, you could read the guide at your leisure to find out all
its nice features.

No idea why Humanware did not emboss about a one-page Quick Start
sheet. Guess they figured a full user guide on board was

Brian K. Lingard, B. A., VE3YI, AB2JI, C. T. M.

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