[BCAB] Responding to List Messages Using Thunderbird

David Taylor e.david.taylor at icloud.com
Sun Jul 30 02:06:59 BST 2017


I think this is a list specific setting, and apparently I've been 
responding individually when I thought I was responding to list for 
ages. It's a really annoying option if you ask me, a discussion list 
should be that, not a reply to an individual list. I'll have to get in 
the habbit of replying to all to be sure, and I'm sorry to people who 
got individual messages from me when I thought I was replying to list.

On 26/07/2017 16:52, Kerry Fielding wrote:
> HI folks.
> Maybe I'm paranoid but after sorting out my problems sending emails to 
> lists from Thunderbird I'm still not convinced all of my emails are 
> getting through.
> I've added all of the different list addresses as contacts in my 
> address book but my question is what I do when replying to a message 
> from the list.  I have tried CTRL+shift+l to respond to a list and 
> sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.  I've also used CTRL+R 
> but have a feeling that when I do this the response only goes to the 
> person to whom I'm replying.  I had this clarified by John yesterday 
> when we were discussing the Sky App as it seems I responded directly 
> to him when pressing CTRL+R.  On a positive note though I do like 
> Thunderbird.
> Kerry

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