[BCAB] a quick question for list members who have BTInternet accounts and routers

Alexander Shannon alexander.shannon at btinternet.com
Sun Jul 30 20:52:32 BST 2017

Hi Clive,

As I've said to Derek,  I agree with his idea of getting an RNIB volunteer
to assist if we do need help setting up a new hub, and I can think exactly
which of the local volunteers I'd want to contact if possible.  However, I
do know of someone who runs a company locally servicing computers, who I'd
trust to remote in or come and do the job for us if required, although that
would be at a cost, so following up on the idea of an RNIB volunteer would
be my first action whether I decide to get a new BT hub or replace the
current one with a hub from a different broadband provider.


Alexander Shannon 

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