[BCAB] Kapsys Smartvision2

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Jul 31 08:52:19 BST 2017


Set VLC as your default media player, and it should work.  The music player
is very basic.

All the best


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Hi Everyone

After reading Jackie Brown's review and listening to a podcast by David
Woodbridge I have bought a Kapsys Smart Vision 2. It came on Tuesday and I
have been working it out.

I have not got on very well with touch screens, so this phone interested me.
So far, everything has been good about it. There is the usual learning
curve, but I am getting used to things.

I have one small problem:

I can not get it to play .M3U files. On my Nexus 5X I loaded VLC Media and
it played any format presented to it. Now, when I load VLC it says I have no
media and tells me to set my preferences. I can't find any preferences to
set. Can anyone advise, or suggest a different way of playing .M3U files.
VLC will play .PLS files if I use File Manager to access them.

Pele West

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