[BCAB] Moving my iphone to a different mobile network

Richard Godfrey-McKay lists.godfrey-mckay at virginmedia.com
Mon Jul 31 13:05:30 BST 2017

What is the problem you fear with changing networks?  

I doubt whether Apple would want to be involved.  The process to switch
networks is pretty simple - in my experience. 

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I am planning to move my Iphone5 from one mobile network to another.
Because I do not feel completely comfortable about what I need to do, in
terms of what I have been told by either my current or proposed provider, I
would like to contact Apple and explain my position.
I thought I had a help line number for Apple in the UK but seem unable to
find it at the moment.
Does anyone know if Apple has a disability help line in the UK?

Many thanks,


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