[BCAB] JAWS 18 again

Jim Williams jwuspaceman at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 20:23:41 BST 2017


Another thing that has changed since I upgraded to JAWS 18 is in my e-mail In-box.

With JAWS 15, when I opened my Windows Mail I landed in the in-box and the last message was read and I was informed as to how many read messages and unread messages I had.

Now with JAWS 18, I just hear the message "Windows Mail and am not told how many messages I have.  I then have to press Ctrl y which takes me to the In-box with again, no indication of how many messages I have, only silence.  I have to press the Tab key twice before I end up with speech in Outlook Express to tell me what Message I am on.

Jim Williams


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