[BCAB] JAWS SMA and Update Reminders

Brian K. Lingard bkl at ncf.ca
Wed Nov 1 06:20:29 GMT 2017

Ottawa Canada

It should be noted that updates to your JAWS you own are free.
However, an entirely new version is available by SMA or one-time
purchase. They either let the JAWS you are running query their
updates database to tell you of one now available for download or
sweep through the database to send notices to people with the
update-ready version. I suspect your JAWS does the querying as if
you run V 18 and a late-in-life-cycle update is released for 17,
V 18 will not bother telling you about it.
Who has what version? I have noticed that if you have JAWS 18
installed and running, an update to 16 or 17 will not show unless
you are actually using that version. Perhaps your JAWS queries
their update server.

SMA releases as from 18 to 2018 are paid for. They could sweep
through their SMA database to send out notices by e-mail or
Postal mail in Braille or ink print.

Eventually they do this to send program DVD but seem to hold off
doing so until they figure the program is stable.

If you are not on the Internet, why send you a postal notice of a
new release? You cannot download it and will receive your program
DVD in due course.

Updates to your currently used version are free, so they notify
everyone with the current version about them. They can use their
authorization database to figure out 

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