[BCAB] 2018 Diary

Sean Randall contact at seanrandall.me
Tue Nov 28 15:54:58 GMT 2017

Hello Sandra

I used to use the RNIB Braille diary when preparing timesheets; being able to slide my finger down the Mondays was very helpful.

I can do a similar  thing with my iPhone now and the calendar; if you open the calendar, back out of any views you are in by
pressing the back button until your first option on the screen is Search, you then have a list of this year's months. January,
April, July and October go down the left-hand edge of the screen, with the rest of the months in alignment. Double-tapping on a
month gives me a calendar grid - so tapping November, I can see the Monday's this month were the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

You can get a similar experience on  the web. The page at 
has the information in a table, and you can use  CTRL+Alt+your arrow keys with JAWS or NVDA, or JAWSKey+space, t for the table layer
in JAWS, to make it easier to get around. Replace "November"  and "2017" in the link above for the appropriate month of course.

If you just want a simple list, you can get this   by using Microsoft Excel very easily. Open a blank spreadsheet and put a date in
a cell, such as A1.Go to A2, which is the cell below, and type =aA1+1 and press enter, and A2 will hold the following day. If you
type =a1+7, it'll have the  date of the next week, so if I use todays date A2 holds the date for next Tuesday. Pressing CTRL+D in
the next cell down, A3, will "fill down" the  formula. And selecting a range of cells, for example A2:a13 and doing a fill down,
will give me the dates of the next 12 Tuesdays.

I hope some of this information proves useful, if I can clarify anything else or be of any further use at all,  please do get back
to the list.

Sean Randall
IT and Accessibility Specialist
Email Contact at SeanRandall.me
Phone +44 (0) 1905 692280 
Or visit My LinkedIn Profile for my blog posts, areas of interest and qualifications at http://UK.LinkedIn.com/in/AccessibleSean

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Hello Everyone,
Has anyone got a table or spreadsheet of 2018? I'm looking for
something which lists dates with the days of the week on which they
fall. This is the second week of ring the RNIB for their Braille
diary, only to be told that they do not know when they will have any
due to quality issues.

I have tried a couple of websites but they seem to display the details
I want in graphics.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Very best wishes,


Sandra Gayer DipABRSM.

Soprano Singer

Broadcast Presenter


Voiceover Artist

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