[BCAB] Upgrading to Windows 10 was: Virtual Assistants on Windows PC.

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Thu Nov 30 12:46:55 GMT 2017


The scanner will likely work.

I think your only issue with be Magic, you'll have to upgrade to 14 to get
Windows 10 working.

All the best


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Hi Jackie,

I have a win7 32 bit desktop PC running office 2007, OmniPage version 18,
MAGic version 13 and a Cannon Lide-70 flatbed scanner.

What is preventing me from upgrading is the potential for any of these
products to not work under the new operating system as I rely on them daily
to maintain, amongst other things, timesheet data relating to payroll.

I have purchased what is probably a similar Dell 13 inch beauty as you have
yourself in readiness to replace this windows 7 PC and have JAWS which will
soon be upgraded to the 2018 version.  I have Office 2016 installed but
haven't as yet decided what I am going to do about the flatbed scanner. I am
hoping the OCR functionality offered by JAWS will remove the need for

I shall need to invest in something like MyCloud NAS solution from Western
Digital for storage but this will take some effort as well as cash on my
part.  I will also have to learn more about JAWS.

Before all that though, I'd quite like to get my GGMM E5 working again as
following an app upgrade on my Android Nexus 5x phone, I can't get to
configure it - look out Steve, I'll no doubt be in touch (smile).

Whilst I enjoy the benefits of tech, I don't much care for the time and
effort required to get the best out of them.  This is partly due to working
in the field of IT and partly due to being lazy.

Kind regards


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