[BCAB] Possible Solution BTInternett Bulk Mail Problem.

David Griffith daj.griffith at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 10:57:49 GMT 2018

       A bug bear  for many BtInternet users is the automatic blocking of some emails into a bulk mail folder. This has been a particular problem for Pop3 users as this is different to Spam management. You won’t even be aware that these emails  are being blocked at the server level and you normally have to log into the webmail site to locate these bulk mails.
>From time to time I have set my emails not to use bulk mail but every time BTInternet “upgrade” their service  they re-insitute the block. The problem is that the vast majority of the emails going into my bulk are genuine, including personal emails and ones that I want.
Recently even on the website I have not been able to find an accessible way in setting to change this bulk mail BTInternet behaviour. A Google search revealed loads of other people making similar complaints.
The solution i found appears to rely on using BTInternet with Imap settings and not POP3. The problem is that my Bt Internet account has over the years failed to work using Imap with my Outlook  installs. You are besieged by server error messages complaining of a failure to connect. It will work sparadically but the error messages drive you mad. The solution is to use Pop3 instead but you will not then see  the bulk mail folder.
However I have now also added my BTInternet account to the Windows  10 Mail app. Importantly it is not only painless but Windows Mail exhibits none of the clunkineess in accepting BT Internet in Imap mode that Outlook does.
This means that after adding to Mail I was able to press control Y to navigate down my mail folder lists and in the list under BTInternet there was Bulk Mail with nearly 300 messages in it, the majority of which I wanted.
Whilst there was apparently no setting to amend Bulk mail behaviour I did select all the messages I wanted and brought up the context menu and selected move to and then my main shared Inbox  as the location.
I thought this would have to be a housekeeping thing but the action appears to have  changed the Bulk Mail filter automatically. Interestingly one email which had been consistently blocked by Bulk Mail arrived as normal in my Inbox,  not only in Winndows Mail but concurrently in Outlook as well.  This is the first time this had happened for months.
So tentatively this may be a way of  managing Bulk Mail settings accessibly on BT Internet using Windows Mail.
Early days but I thought I would share in case it helps somebody ellse. 
David Griffith
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