[BCAB] Recording computer sounds and voice at the same time

Yusuf Osman yusuf.osman at yusufosman.org.uk
Mon Mar 5 09:40:46 GMT 2018

Morning all, hope everyone is well on this fine Monday morning. This was discussed last week, I think, and it got me trying to set Goldwave up to record both computer sounds I.E. Jaws, and my own voice at the same time. Someone suggested using Loopback in Goldwave device settings, and whilst this records everything coming through my speakers, Jaws, music, a computer game, it doesn't record my own voice from the external microphone. If I select the mike option, my voice is recorded, and Jaws is recorded through the Mike from the PC speakers but the quality isn't all that great.

I'm using Windows7, the latest version of Goldwave and I've tried with both my sound cards, a Realtek and Sound Blaster Audigy.

Is the PC-Audio list still running? Perhaps that would be the most appropriate place to ask this question.

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