[BCAB] Alexa and Shopping Lists

Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Mon Mar 5 15:13:19 GMT 2018

My thoughts are that this is nothing but a gimic unless it is sold better and done a bit more seriously.

Like many others, I am signed up to what's new on Alexa.  It's amazing how much of this newsletter is just taken up by rubbish.  I can ask for jokes or ask stupid questions  such as who are your role models?  I can ask for a random fact, but why would I want to do so?

There are some great skills out there but the people sending out this weeikly  trash mail don't seem to take their own product seriously.

Maybe you just print the shopping list, but that hugely reduces it's usefulness.



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Subject: [BCAB] Alexa and Shopping Lists

Hi folks.

Has anyone tried to create a shopping list using Alexa?

We thought it was a great idea and were able to add stuff to our list 
with no problems at all.  However, we thought then we could take that 
list to our local shop where we would get assistance and, rather than 
wasting paper, they could tick the little boxes off so we and they would 
know what we had bought.  It was an utter disaster for us.  Firstly, the 
tick boxes didn't work.  I wondered initially if this was something to 
do with VoiceOver and assumed that when it wasn't there all would be 
good.  It seemed not.  The assistant in the shop wasn't able to scroll 
down on the screen either to get to all the items.

Any thoughts?


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