[BCAB] NVDA question using Outlook 2013

Phil Medway philmedway at philmedway.co.uk
Tue Mar 6 08:09:00 GMT 2018

        Hi Jackie,

NVDA plus n followed by the letter p and then the letter f will get you to 
the document formatting options.

You have a long list of items to tab through which are usually set to their 
defaults but may be changed here.

These options determine what is spoken and include announcement of tables 
lists etc.

When you have made your changes, tab to ok and press enter.

If you have left NVDA to it's default of saving settings on exit, your 
changes will be retained, however, if you have turned this off, press NVDA 
plus control plus c to save the changes.

I hope this helps,


Phil Medway.

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>From    : Jackie Brown
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Subject: [BCAB] NVDA question using Outlook 2013

One of the reasons I keep quitting NVDA and returning to JAWS is that I get
some annoying verbosity in Outlook 2013 where every message in my list is
preceded with 'table list view' then the message details.  Is there a way I
can stop this please?  I am happy with the way Outlook performs otherwise so
don't want to change any view settings, but just wonder why NVDA announces
this with every message as I arrow through them and JAWS doesn't.

I have also just purchased Eloquence Sapi5 and it works really well with
NVDA and, come to that, Narrator.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
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