[BCAB] Zoom conferencing questions

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 22:35:15 GMT 2018

Hi Ed.

It is possible for you all to join via phone, but 1 person has to be 
hosting the meeting. When I tried, for some reason hosting via phone 
didn't work for me but hosting via my PC did. A host is needed because 1 
person has to be in ultimate control of starting the meeting, in this 
case you with your personal ID.

You can use your personal ID to host a meeting, if you join via your 
personal link then it should allow you to host the meeting by signing in.



On 06/03/2018 22:19, Edward Green wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a Zoom account and would like to organise an audio conference.  I have a couple of questions.
> Is it possible for everyone including me to join by phone or do I have to join the meeting via the app or website?
> Do i have to schedule the meeting or can I just use my personal ID whenever I like to start it? I dialled in and entered my personal ID to test it, but the system told me that the conference hadn't started yet. Is it not possible to instigate a conference this way or do I need to enter something else as well?
> Thanks for any tips.
> Ed

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