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Hi all,

First, does anybody mind if I pass this on to a couple of other lists?

Secondly, it could be argued that in these days of mass communication via
the internet, inaccessible web content may add to the feeling of isolation
you get, if you rarely see anyone outside of a TV screen or if most of the
people you interact with are at the end of a U R L.



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You may have heard about this on the World Service or Radio 4.  If not, then
in a nutshell, The BBC has teamed up with some academic collaborators to run
what they describe as the world's largest loneliness experiment.  It
involves completing a web survey about your experience of loneliness.  The
results will be analysed and then discussed in future episodes of All In The
Mind and Health Check.

The survey was launched a few weeks ago but was not accessible to screen
reader users.  There were a number of issues including: questions that used
inaccessible graphical sliders; the inclusion of photographic recognition
tasks without a way of skipping past these if you can't see the pictures;
and an inaccessible results page at the end (amongst others).

Today a new version of the survey has been launched which they hope is more
accessible.  In the main, it seems to be although unfortunately it doesn't
include any results in the final screen.  But screen reader users should now
be able to complete the survey.

If you would like to contribute to the experiment by taking part in the
survey, you will find it at:


If you have any comments on it's accessibility, or would like to let them
know what you think of it, send an email to:

thelonelinessexperiment at manchester.ac.uk

And if you do want a snapshot of some very early results, once you have
completed it, go back to the beginning, then click the "Quit Study" button
to see the results page that has been omitted from the "accessible" version
of the survey.  The results are not presented very accessibly, but they are
better than nothing.


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