[BCAB] Internet Explorer 11

David Griffith daj.griffith at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 15:39:23 GMT 2018

The only way visually I know of banishing the menu bar, if that is what you mean  by tabs, is to go into full screen mode.
This is toggled by pressing F11.
However even then your screenreader should still announce  menus even in full screen mode if you press the alt key as normal.
David Griffith

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From: Roger
Sent: 09 March 2018 15:03
To: 'BCAB Discussion List'
Subject: [BCAB] Internet Explorer 11

I'm using Windows 10 and still feeling my way. Yesterday and today I lost
Internet connection but not email delivery. After most of the morning and
early afternoon (4 hours plus) on the  phone  to MS disabled support who
ended up totally baffled it came back with no reason given.  However all the
tabs on the home page, such as File, Tools and Favourites, have vanished.
Can someone till me how to get them back please.


Many thanks Roger

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