[BCAB] Really useful skills on the Amazon Echo

Kerry Fielding littlemisslovely1973 at me.com
Sun Mar 11 14:18:00 GMT 2018

I love question of the day.  I'd love to see them introduce a feature 
where you could see how you were doing compared to your Alexa contacts.  
That would be fun.


On 09/03/2018 16:23, Yousuf Osman wrote:
> I think probably my favourite skills are, and in no particular order, Hive, Ocado, Harry Potter letters, Audible, Kindle and Question of the Day (although I suppose that one is debatable)
> Yusuf
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> From: Graham Page <gpage at useit.plus.com>
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> Subject: Re: [BCAB] Really useful skills on the Amazon Echo
> Hi all.
> First there is the Dot to Dot podcast.  This does have a wealth of useful
> skills that are reviewed which is potentially very useful.  The problem is
> that the guy who presents the podcast, Robin Christopherson, sometimes seems
> more bothered about getting out a podcast everyday rather than looking to
> see if anyone is likely to find the podcast useful.  Of course, what is
> useful is often quite subjective but I'm not sure that a skill that throws
> one of a number of insults at you when asked is really worth including in
> any serious skill list and there are quite a few of these.  There's now over
> 300 of them and they don't seem to be sorted in any kind of order.
> Games that I have tried that are worth playing include the Milionair game
> skill, based on Who wants to be a millionaire game.
> The Path of Discovery Europa is a SciFi game with plenty of sound effects
> that looks quite promising.  There's also Magic Door which I know quite a
> lot of people have played.  This is an adventure game.
> There's also a skill called Daily Log which allows you to make a number of
> short recordings, save them, and search them by word.  I haven't really
> played with this  extensively but it looks interesting as a way of making
> short notes.
> There is also the My Talking Newspaper skill produced by Jonathan H which is
> potentially really good, though it depends how many talking newspapers sign
> up over time.  You can listen to podcasts  such as Dot to Dot with this
> skill too as well as listening to RNIB Connect Radio.
> In London I use the Tube Planner app which can tell you how to do a journey
> by Underground and there is the Fast Tube Status skill which  lets you find
> out about delays on individual lines.
> Cheers
> Graham
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> From: Clive Lever [mailto:clive.lever1955 at gmail.com]
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> Subject: [BCAB] Really useful skills on the Amazon Echo
> Hi all,
> There have been some comments to the effect that the skills highlighted in
> the weekly 'what's new in Alexa" emails are mainly too trivial. It's a shame
> thatthey don't include more Skills which are of particular value to us as
> blind and partially-sighted people.
> So, if you have any favourite, genuinely useful skills to alert us to,
> please write on or off-list. I plan to think of ways the best of them could
> be included in an item, possibly a regular feature on our podcast. If you
> can send audio files of you actually calling up your favourite ones, so much
> the better. Those would be best sent off-list though.
> Thanks,
> Clive
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