[BCAB] Making phone calls with Google Home

Ted Martin tedmart at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 11:34:38 GMT 2018

Hello folks,

Following the discussion on this subject last week, I went out and 
bought a Home mini, which I'm pleased with on the whole.

Just a couple of issues, and I'd like to know about other peoples' 
experiences so far.

It quite often fails to recognise my wife's voice, asking her to go 
through the voice training process again.  It doesn't have this with my 
voice, but for every call I make, she makes 20, maybe more!

She has a friend whom she calls regularly, who apparently has something 
from Sky, which weeds out unwanted calls.
The voice tells her to state her name. and press a number key, which 
obviously she can't do, on one of these devices.
I'm wondering if Google have launched this service a bit prematurely.  
Where have we heard that before?

The burning question in my mind is: when are Amazon going to introduce 
the same system on the Echo and Dot?
They can't be happy at Google stealing a march on them in this way.


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