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Roy Warner roywarnerni at aol.com
Tue Mar 13 20:35:35 GMT 2018

My brown bin has a Compost label and my black bin has a k6iik label that should read landfill   roywarnerni at aol.

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> On 13 Mar 2018, at 19:43, Clive Lever <clive.lever1955 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Last year, when I applied to renew my passport, I commented that, though it
> was nice to have a Braille label on the front of my passport as per my
> request, It would be more useful to have the Passport holder's name, the
> passport expiry date, and even the passport number on the front. Rachel
> Pearce, the lady I spoke to at the passport office last year called me today
> to say that staff at the Passport office received an email on Friday saying
> that as from now, Braille labels on passports would show the holder's name
> and the expiry date. Apparently the email was silent on the question of
> including the passport number. This will mean that:
> 1.       People living in households with no sighted people and more than
> one blind person will be able to distinguish between each other's passports,
> and those of their kids, without having to resort to makeshift
> improvisations of their own. The expiry date will help to make sure that we
> can renew our passports in time when travelling abroad close to the end of
> the document's life. The value of having the passport number available is
> that sometimes companies ask you to provide it when you are making online
> holiday and flight bookings, and this could be a pain if you're half-way
> through completing the form, and can't complete until you can get sighted
> help - that's the on-topic bit, folks!
> As a result of the change made by the Passport Office, it could become
> easier to effect 'a campaign for real Braille', to make sure Braille legends
> on other items are any use. Here are three examples where braille is
> currently shown, but itdisplays information you could easily do without
> instead of the genuinely useful info:
> 1.       Disabled Persons' Rail Card holders are given the option to have a
> Braille label on their cards. The label simply says "Railcard. A second line
> saying 20-11-2021 would be handy, so that you didn't have to ask someone
> else to tell you when you needed to re-apply.
> 2.       Similarly, the expiry date would be useful on a blue badge, and
> would be better written boldly on a label than very faintly on the card
> itself. At present, all it says on the front is: Front. The legend itself is
> so faint that I wouldn't expect people with limited sensitivity in their
> hands to be able to make it out easily. For example, some people have
> reduced sensitivity in their fingers as a symptom of diabetes, another
> symptom of which can be deteriorating sight.
> 3.       We have a Recycling bin, a General waste bin and a garden waste bin
> in our front garden. It would be helpful to have the legends "General",
> "Recycling" and "Garden" written on these bins, rather than, of all things,
> the number of litres each would hold! That info strikes me as eminently
> irrelevant to a householder.
> Best,
> Clive]
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