[BCAB] Games are good for you

Kerry Fielding littlemisslovely1973 at me.com
Tue Mar 13 20:55:25 GMT 2018

Hmmm.  Is it girlie?  I'm not by any means your typical girl but I don't 
think I at ve ever found shooting games appealing but maybe that's because 
I haven't played enough of them.  A Hero's call does sound very military.


On 11/03/2018 10:15, john gallagher wrote:
> i must say a hero's call is very very good indeed. best game yet.
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>> Hi all,
>> There is a long article in this months edition of BBC Focus mag on how
>> to lower your stress levels.  Most of it is off topic, for this list,
>> but here is a snippet that pleases me as I am a hopeless lover of all
>> things playing games!
>> Dogs are great motivators for going outside and getting some exercise.
>> But their company can also be a stress buster thé" especially for
>> children. Children aged between 7 and 12 have been found to get much
>> less stressed about arithmetic and public speaking tasks when they have
>> their dog with them. Having a parent present did not have the same
>> effect. Another study shows that owning a pet reduces blood pressure.
>> It's the classic British response to a crisis: "Would you like a cup of
>> tea?". And there is some evidence suggesting it provides more than a
>> psychological boost. Research from University College London found that
>> people who drink black tea become relaxed more quickly after a stressful
>> task, and their cortisol levels return to normal at a faster rate. There
>> is still uncertainty about which tea ingredient accounts for this. But
>> separate Portuguese research has indicated that the weak concentration
>> of caffeine found in tea reduces anxiety symptoms in mice!
>> There is evidence that playing video games can help reduce stress, which
>> flies in the face of those who blame all our ills on screens. Cognitive
>> psychologists at the University of Central Florida have shown that
>> frazzled workers benefit more from playing a simple video game during a
>> short work break than sitting in silence or taking part in guided
>> relaxation. This is backed by studies indicating that military veterans
>> who regularly play computer games as a means of escape tended to have
>> served longer and cope better with physical and psychological stressors.
>> I can post the full article if folks want it posted here.
>> Mark.
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