[BCAB] talking bp monitors

Jim McAuslan jimmcauslan1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 14:33:03 GMT 2018

Hi Jackie,

Many thanks for that.
The  Really Not Interested in Blindies couldn't supply me with a device like
the one you've just purchased.
They really aint fit for purpose now.

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Hi Jim

I have just purchased the Lloyds Pharmacy BP monitor, and it works a treat.
I tried the RNIB version last year, but it seemed to want you to set the
time and date before it would work which, of course, is not ideal if you
have no sight at all to start with.  The Lloyds Pfarmacy version is very
straightforward and does not require sighted input before getting going.  It
is actually very similar to the RNIB version, so it could be that the RNIB
instructions and the fact it wouldn't work for me straight away are
misleading?  And if they are both identical, then the Lloyds version is
cheaper anyway.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown 

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Subject: [BCAB] talking bp monitors

> Hi List,
> We're endeavouring to find a decently priced BP monitor (upper arm 
> cuff
> variety) which gives us some sort of speech feed back.
> I've spent a frustrating 15 minutes trying to establish if the RNIB 
> Talking bp monitor has speech out of the box.
> It's says on the RNIB shop that it comes with the ability to turn off 
> speech.  My interpretation re this statement tells me that the speech 
> is turned on by default.
> Does anybody on this list have some experience with this device.
> Are there other off-the - shelf BP monitors.  I see that Lloyds 
> on-line do stock a talking BP monitor for less than #30.
> The RNIB one is #44 and we've been looking at a Bluetooth version by 
> QardioArm which sincs with either IOS or android and is priced from 
> #70 upwards.
> Btw, the RNIB device is "non-returnable" on hygene grounds.  Can't 
> imagine why!
> Jim McAuslan from sunny Findhorn
> Minds are like parachutes
> They work best when open
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