[BCAB] over the edge

David Griffith daj.griffith at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 07:36:22 GMT 2018

I would be reasonably happy using Edge with NVDA.  What is the problem with adding 
Favorites? Control D works fine for me in Edge? If you want to retrieve Favorites press F6 and navigate to Favorites list. You can navigate your favourites list there normally with arrow keys.
I find Edge does work fairly well with NVDA and can complete shopping for example with Sainsburys without issue. 
Occasionally you lose speech but the useful “restart” function of NVDA, simply press control alt and N will normally clear any problem and will allow you to continue using the browser without having to reload a page etc.
Jaws prior to the latest update was pretty dreadful even with Edge support turned on. I have not tried it  since last week’s update but as this update has for me at least slowed up Jaws 2018 significantly and seems to have deteriorated responsiveness  and appropriate focus in apps like Windows mail  I have not been tempted to try it  again with Edge.
I agree that VFO in my view need to significantly up their game with jaws. I still find I have to use not 1 but actually 3 screenreaders, Jaws, NVDA and Narrator. Jaws starts up as my default screenreader  but too often I am forced into NVDA and Narrator because jaws cannot do the basics at an acceptable standard. It is bizarre that they have still not sorted out proper Audio Ducking rather than Audio suppression after from memory first introducing this in jaws 16 and then almost instantly losing the proper functionality.  This is a big deal for hearing impaired users. NVDA and narrator both handle this properly and have done so for a long time. You still cannot use fast forward and rewind keyboard shortcuts in iTunes with jaws after several years of this support being available in NVDA. If you use control alt left and right arrow whilst playing Music in iTunes with jaws it absurdly reports not in a table. ITunes is not an obscure application, and whilst it may not be everybody’s cup of tea FS has often claimed support for iTunes as a Jaws selling point, including demonstrations in FSCast Podcasts. As I say these and other problems persists for years over multiple Jaws versions, even though I have reported them as issues, including the yearly beta cycles.
Jaws consistently lags behind not just Narrator but NVDA  in support for inbuilt Windows apps. I unloaded Jaws about 15 minutes ago because it was becoming unresponsive with Windows mail and had to switch to NVDA to write this email. 
On the other hand although it has slowed up since last week’s update Jaws is still far more responsive with things like File Explorer than NVDA and  if using NVDA I normally have to switch to using Explorer ++.
Still I expect more for my yearly payment to VFO for Jaws I must say.
 David Griffith
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From: Tom Reid via Bcab
Sent: 19 March 2018 06:28
To: 'BCAB Discussion List'
Cc: Tom Reid
Subject: [BCAB] over the edge

                Does anybody think edge is worth using?


It seems to load very slowly and the pages are not easy to navigate. Padma
referred to the difficulty of adding favourites the other day and it seems
there is no easy answer to this.


I'm using the latest jaws 2018.


If nvda is any better, it's a disgrace that a paid for screen reader has
taken so long to work properly.



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